Handmade Porcelain Homeware

Crafted by Christopher L. Yee

You may have come to my page for the fortune cookies. Thanks for being here. I am considering another run of the cookies, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I'll be posting test pieces from time to time which are one-off items that I've made for fun. Nothing up right now, but stay tuned. Thank you for being here!


About me

Hi! I'm Chris from San Francisco. In 2020 I left my office job to pursue more of my pottery passion, and ever since I have been learning as much as I can about production pottery for dinnerware. In 2022 I finished a year long apprenticeship with Jered's Pottery in Emeryville, CA, a wonderful colorful custom pottery studio making dinnerware for restaurants and businesses globally. Now I'm back in my own studio experimenting and figuring out next steps.

Thank you for visiting

We are just getting started creating a process for a new dinnerware collection which we hope to release in the not to distant future. Stay tuned for more.